Videos and Links


Check it out- a Vimeo channel with a bunch of show snippets!

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo– a puppet show without puppets

About my puppet Thaddeus and me, made by Daniel Papa for the First Person Arts Festival.

About why people (like me) use puppets, focusing on me and my pals at The Black Sheep Puppet Festival in Pittsburgh in 2006. Also shows my installation transforming a giant room in 2 weeks.

About my collaboration with Fellowship Place and the pageant these folks in recovery built about overcoming stigma.

Here’s a few vintage (1999-2006) promo videos. Though they are pretty old, these videos capture the spirit of what I’m still working on:

*about my workshops and residencies
*about parades
*about giant puppet pageants
*about performances


Where to get the amazing Rapid 31 Sword Gouge Staple Plier Extraordinaire
Please note: Make sure you select “Anvil: POINT” when ordering, and I recommend getting the half-inch staples. 5,000 staples go fast, so get 2 boxes if you can! (You might be able to find cheaper staplers on ebay or elsewhere but these are the ones I swear by.)

Other puppet resources and comrades:

Puppet Uprising
Puppeteers Cooperative
Paperhand Puppet Intervention
Bread and Puppet

Other amazing humans, places and things (not a complete list):

Joshua Marcus
Jo Dery
Amy Walsh
New Urban Arts
Corina Dross