My artist-in-residence experiences have taken many forms, from butt-busting, one-room, weeklong-intensives to many-month, community-wide, full-scale productions. I use the term “residency” pretty loosely, as a way to distinguish longer-term, facilitation projects and teaching artist work from one or two day (or hour) sessions (which you can learn about by clicking here.)

I work to create partnerships in which we can value the creation process as much as the final product. I try to practice emancipatory pedagogy in the projects I facilitate, working to be transparent about how and why decisions get made, ensuring power is distributed among the participants and leadership comes from within each group. When working with different community groups my role is often the provoker or witness. Because I am often not from or of the community, I acknowledge my ignorance and reinforce the truth that the participants are the experts in their own lives. I am there to share my tools and techniques but the content is theirs to decide. My out-siderness allows me to ask questions about what is important in a way that someone who is more deeply connected to the place or the people might not have the distance to see. Some residencies focus on the participant’s individual creations and self-expression, other projects focus on collective decision-making, group voice, ensemble formation and collaboration. After demonstrating safe tool use and building techniques, for some projects I try to step back and get out of the way of the individuals or group; using my efforts to create an environment and a structure in which they can work, just listening for when they need support. With others, I provide more explicit direction, or participate more actively as a contributing member of the group. Either way, for me, facilitating involves collaborating with the participants and partner organizations, being flexible and responsive so we can all figure out how to have a creative and inspiring time together.

Please contact me to talk about what kind of residency you are imagining.

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