Troy (2006)

Welcome To Troy (Parade and Performance)
Troy, Montana
Spring 2006

Five years later after our community time-line project, I was invited back to Troy to work with 230 elementary, middle and high school students to create a parade and performance about community identity and the town’s relationship to local ecology. Besides celebrating amazing things like loons and forests, the process of creating this show inspired an intergenerational conversation about who and what calls Troy home and why. Troy continues to struggle with a declining population, unemployment, addiction and poverty and continues to be situated in an incredibly beautiful part of the world, on land that local folks are very connected to. I’ve never met so many little kids that can name so many kinds of birds and fish. Grounding this project in the wildlife that surrounds the community, talking about what various creatures need to survive in their habitats, enabled the kids and adults to discuss what the human residents needed to stay and thrive in Troy. Another awesome piece of this project was that most of the kids who had been involved in the timeline project 5 years prior were now in middle and high school and provided leadership to the younger students. Our stage show was accompanied by a live band of high school students and adults. This project was funded in part by the Montana State Council on the Arts.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Bass and others