Wallingford Community Art Center (WCAC)

Community Art Center
Wallingford, PA
Summer 2005 & 2007

For a couple of fun and sweaty and weeks I took the train out to Wallingford to work with kids involved in the “Summer Spree” program at the Community Art Center.

In 2005, we built a short puppet pageant piece about a sleepy wizard, dreams and nightmares. The kids built (kid-sized) giant puppets, both back pack and dragon style, and were accompanied by a music class during the performance.

In 2007, the theme was “Conflict Resolution” so I worked with several groups of kids to create short cardboard theater pieces showcasing various conflicts and their characters’ ingenuity and perserverence in resolving them. Besides working with tons of great kids, this program was also interesting because I also had the help of/responsibility for several teen counselors in training, so I got to work with them to think about teaching methods and ways to support the younger kids.

Photo credit: Community Art Center