Antipodal Goatlegs

Performed at The Banners and Cranks Festival in Chicago, and in Philly at The Wooden Shoe Book Store (as part of Moles Not Molar) and the Kensington Community Garden (as part of Puppet Uprising).
Spring 2010

Contestoria means singing wall or sung history depending on who you ask. Either definition makes sense as this ancient art form involves performing with the aid of a giant fabric book of painted images. The Banners and Cranks Festival, where I debuted Antipodal Goatlegs, was a gathering devoted purely to the art of contestoria. The next Banners and Cranks is in June in NYC and I’ll be performing some new contestoria pieces there. Antipodal Goatlegs is about the Bermuda Triangle, salt mines, pickled orphans, volcanoes and what’s on exactly the other side of the Earth…

(This show was inspired in part by the volcanic eruptions in Iceland of 2010.)

Photo credit: Kristin Basta