Antony and Cleopatra (Act V)

Philly, PA
June 7-12, 2011

“a bizarre, workable, and altogether goofy success” -Philadelphia Inquirer
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The Missoula Oblongata and Puppet Uprising hosted the 4th annual Secret Shakespeare Dessert Theater Extravaganza. 5 different theater companies created the 5 different acts of a Shakespeare play and the audience traveled to a different part of the venue to see each act (as they nibbled desserts and sipped beverages between each one.) Ramshackle Enterprises took on Act 5 of Antony and Cleopatra with cardboard, velour, valor, and flamboyance. For this strange production I teamed up with director Alex Torra and a cast of wonderhumans (Ben Camp, Greg Dean and Calamity Rose) to deliver a power-packed pyramid of performative pleasure including a capella delights, flag dancing, giant snakes, embodied hieroglyphics and more (including appearances from Kristen Bailey, Bianka Brunson, Mark McCloughan, Spencer Sheridan, and Carl the dog as Caesar). An alabaster Cleopatra reviles her fellow white cast members “masquerading as Egyptians” while she attempts to shed her skin, spit her venom, and ultimately  finish herself off as the masses sing uplifting songs with slide whistles, lemur heads, and The 14 Reasons To Live (as declared by an 11 year old on a silver goose chariot.)

Photo credit: Bill Kelly