One awesome thing about piñatas is you can fill them with anything, sure there is the traditional candy option, but what about flowers or flour or fortunes?! One time I made a piñata and partygoers deposited New Year’s resolutions inside, which we bashed and shared at midnight. Another thing about piñatas is that (unless it’s sort of a piñata-advent calendar hybrid- which I’ve built and are cool, with little doors to open that reveal treasures inside) you want to create something folks will feel excited to bash. That’s why fanged, creepy beasts with talons and bad attitudes are often what I build. It’s hard to whack something too cute or friendly looking. When teaching piñata building workshops, I often lead participants through metaphor development activities related to fears, oppressions, injustices, and things that make them angry so we can build beasts that represent those ugly things, and feel great about smashing them. I also give a brief overview of the history of the piñata and how this art form has morphed and traveled around the world.

If you are interested in commissioning me to build a piñata for your event, please contact me at least 3 weeks in advance. Thanks!