Currently/Recently Installed!

Nothing currently installed or on display, but later this Spring…Details TBA

Somewhat recently…

I had puppets and sculptures on display at the Art Gallery at City Hall in Philadelphia, PA as part of an exhibition called “Residency Reimagined: Artist Residencies in the 21st Century.”  June 14 – July 20, 2012

A Ramshackle Enterprises RETROSPECTACULAR extravaganza!
 Thanks to all who came. I’m very grateful to the unconquerable Sarah Lowry for curating this show and to everybody for supporting my work in Philly for the last many years. A great send off to Providence! Here’s a few shots.
40th St. AIR Gallery, Philly. April 5-26, 2012.

An installation of my beasts and foliage set up at the Leeway Foundation’s Tongue in Cheek show. Oct. 14-Dec. 16, 2011