Is Enough Enough?

Is Enough Enough?
Performed at ABC No Rio in NYC, the Black Sheep Puppet Festival in Pittsburgh, The Casco Bay Cabaret in Portland, Maine and at a dozen or so other locations.
2006, 2007

Photo credit: Larry Ripple

Is Enough Enough? is a short clown act performed with 3 pieces of luggage, some signs and props, and no words.

Here’s a review:

Puppet Uprising Cabaret- A Local Gem:
“Is Enough Enough?” Beth Nixon, Ramshackle Enterprises

Review by Steve Abrams Wed. 12-6-06
For Greater Philadelphia Area Puppetry Guild Newsletter

Beth Nixon has an enormously appealing stage presence. Tiny, seemingly insignificant shrugs and sounds totally engage an audience. Gamine, the French term that roughly translates as street urchin or waif has been used in a flattering way to describe film star-Audrey Hepburn, and singer-Edith Piaf. I think the term applies to Beth Nixon. A gamine is a slim, sort of boyish woman who combines qualities of street smarts, child-like innocence, and is mischievous and appealing.

The stage landscape is mysterious, and funny. The big green trunk is labeled “NOW.” The little green suitcase is labeled “ENOUGH.” Stage left a sign over another container says “MEANWHILE.” An immediate tension is established between the two signs that direct our attention to “RIGHT HERE” and “OVER THERE.” As the stage action unfolds the Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot mood grows in strength. The work is fun and silly but with something much deeper that is just above and below the surface.

The trunk magically transforms into a bathtub. And then changes to a red canoe under a blue sky with clouds. Beth’s sensual delight in the imaginary tub is a highlight. Dramatic tension builds as 2 animated objects, an alarm clock and a whistle, engage in a brief, noisy dialogue. Eventually the suitcase and the “ENOUGH” container are both empty. The 10-minute vignette reaches a dramatic peak when the two signs “RIGHT HERE” and “OVER THERE” flip around and switch messages. Beth’s clown character is suddenly confused and caught in the middle. The words of another clown troubadour spring into my head. Bob Dylan wrote, ” How does it feel to be on your own, No direction known.” Thanks Beth. Can’t wait to see what you do next.