Mite We?

Mite We?
Performed at The Rotunda, Philly
February 2008

Made possible by funds from The Independence Foundation Fellowship In The Arts
Original musical score by Jack Ohly

Mite We? dealt with questions surrounding my search for home and connection to the four generations of my family that have lived in West Philly. It examined their participation in the white flight of the 1960s and my return as part of the gentrification of the early 2000s. The show explored the miraculous communities of termites and dust mites secretly uniting the neighborhood and challenging the humans to try their hands at symbiosis. In this show Bernice Nubson (my alter ego) visits an Urban Geniologist to learn more about her relatives who lived in West Philly. The Geniologist (who turns out to be a genie) first shrinks her and later makes her giant (along with the dust mite and termite she befriends) to reveal the microorganisms they all share in their guts. This project served as a forum for discussing the role of white artists and activists in the gentrification of West Philly.

Beth Nixon, Morgan Fitzpatrick Andrews, Kelly Nesbitt, Betty Pulse, Bianka Brunson
Anna Martine Whitehead, Ramon Cordes and Shannon (as the voice of the expert)

Jack Ohly, Kimbal Brown, Joshua Marcus, Jacob Mitas, Lucy Schneider, and
Susan Sakash

Puppet sewing and building help from dozens of West Philly neighbors and friends, with extra giant thanks to Leslie Rogers, Mildred Amanda Conklin, Caitlin LaRussa and Aaron Birk