Ruth Nibbons, MFA

Ruth Nibbons, MFA is my “sister”- an alter ego with great hootzpah, questionable fashion sense, an a knack for trying out bold ideas, not yet proven inventions, and slightly undercooked philosophies in public forums. She uses her unique performative lecture style, cumbersome visual aids and interactive exhibitionism to entrance audiences with her murky, yet somehow insightful, blending of the the cosmic and the political, the personal and the polyester. She is available for speaking engagements, luncheons, and other affairs of the mind and heart.

Last year, RuthNibbons, MFA made her  RISD Museum “Design the Night” debut with a performative lecture on trend-setting in art-based self-care. She talked about her global baleen theory, and worked with 3 rounds of participants to employ “fringe filtration methodologies” to improve their experience in the museum, and the world at large .

This year, Ruth Nibbons, MFA was invited back to participate in the museum’s Locally Made show with a workshop entitled, “The Pangolin Within: Power Animals, Extinction and Symbiosis.” Recognizing the she is no shaman, while valuing the role animal allies can play in our lives, she led the audience through a sweaty process of deep discovery, hasty sketching and thought bubble motto making, all while pacing about in cobra skin high heels and attempting to weave in scientific tidbits about symbiosis and grim nods to a timeline full of extinct creatures taped to the wall. At least one participant connected with her inner seal.