Sloth Teeth

Sloth Teeth
Philly and East Coast Tours

Sloth Teeth was a live full-length radio play, dramatizing (my alter-ego) Bernice Nubson’s struggles as a “community-artist”, navigating her race and class while working with a multi-racial group of teenagers on a puppet show in North Philly, in a small room with no air-conditioning, in August. The story was interrupted with ads for “White-Out: Anti-privilege Ointment (also available in gender relief formula)” and looked to the sloth as a teacher in the art of slowing down and working symbiotically with one’s surroundings. It probed Ms. Nubson’s relationship with stress, and her dentist, Dr. Cankor’s recommendation that she purchase a “Night Guard” to prevent her from grinding her teeth to powdery stubs while she slept…

Photo credit: Kristen Basta, Dave Gooch (real sloth)

Originally developed and toured with Morgan Fitzpatrick Andrews, Gina Favano, and Lucy Schneider. Since then, I’ve continued to take a 5 minute song/contastoria snippit of this show on the road, for which dozens of friends and strangers have played the parts of tree, moth, and algae.

Here’s a video of me performing the contastoria at the Convocation for College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Me in the fall of 2009. It starts at about 22 minutes in.