Projects, Shows and Upcoming Endeavors:

I’m a human ecologist, an interdisciplinary artist and a person who has a hard time with categories. My community-engaged work is important to me personally, my individual work is sometimes not particularly personal, and it often involves the engagement of communities. Teaching is an integral part of my own art-making and I don’t teach things I don’t personally care about. However, in an attempt to organize the many tentacles of my practice I have split my work up into two main areas of focus:

Personal Creations / Commissions / Collaborations

(theater, objects, collaborations, commissions and more)

Community-Engaged Work / Facilitation

(workshops, artist-in-residence experiences, and other projects I facilitate)


Please contact me to discuss the details so we can work out a price that’s good for both of us. I’m also open to consider work/trade options, or other forms of alternative currency.