Community-Engaged Work / Facilitation

I love to teach people how to make real what they imagine. Nearly anything is possible with cardboard, staple-pliers, and some paint or fabric. Sharing the skills I’ve acquired, to aid people in the telling of their own stories is an incredibly rewarding experience and I learn something(s) new each time. I’ve taught folks ranging in age from 4 to 94. I have worked with people of all varieties and persuasions and at a range of facilities: adjudicated youth groups, churches, people with mental and physical disabilities, school kids (pre-school to grad. school), adults in addiction recovery, neighbors at community centers, activist groups, seniors in assisted living homes, and birthday partiers. I also like to partner with schoolteachers interested in using puppetry, performance or sculpture to enhance their course work.


Workshops and Classes

I can alter the complexity of the project to match the goals and skills of your group and the time frame you have available. If you are looking to develop a longer term, more in depth project please visit Artists-In-Residencies.

If you have only a few hours to work together, please click on Workshops and Classes. I can provide the necessary tools and supplies, or you can. Generally, I prefer to send a list of the materials for your community to collect from your local waste-stream, this not only keeps costs down and transforms trash into unique creations, it also builds awareness of and excitement about the forth-coming project so more folks get involved.

So—we can make a puppet and a puppet show in 10 minutes or we can make one in 10 months. The tools and techniques will be different, as will the depth and complexity of the story making and telling, the relationships we form with each other, and the material we create. Understanding that time and money often affect the length of time we can devote to a project, I can teach participants how to create the following things (super-quickie-simple version to full-on awesome.)

I can facilitate workshops or residencies in making and/or performing with:

  • masks, headpieces and crowns
  • hand-and-rod puppets
  • finger and hand puppets
  • pole puppets
  • giant backpack (parade style) and dragon puppets
  • shadow puppets
  • cardboard flats (and “Cardboard Capers” – quick, little shows)
  • piñatas
  • sculpture (found object or environmental)
  • mobile making
  • theater set and prop construction

I also lead theater, writing, and drawing games, brainstorming and collaboration exercises, activities to access and stimulate the imagination, and explorations of metaphor, identity, representation, and media literacy.