Ramshackle Enterprises

Hello! I'm a puppeteer named Beth Nixon; Ramshackle Enterprises are what I enthusiastically engage in. I create puppets, masks, parades, pageants, outdoor spectacles, indoor installations, suitcase theater, piñatas and other strange things. I write, build, direct, and perform my own pieces, as well as teach folks of any age and ability to create their own puppets and performances. I work mainly with cardboard, paper mache, recycled/found materials, and the imagination. I'm from Rhode Island, live in Philadelphia, and am glad to travel to wherever exciting puppet building, performing, collaborating and/or teaching opportunities exist.

Learn more about the work that I do, the ways that we could work together, or the delights you could hire me to create or facilitate. Thanks for checking out my website.

Onward, hurrah!
- beth

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