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I am frequently inspired and amazed to learn of folks, all over the world, getting together to try different ways of creating art, occupying spaces, and experimenting with ideas, collectively. I have had the pleasure of participating in many incredible collaborations, some with just one or two other people such as:

The Urgent Insurgent European Tour
A clowning and street theater collaboration with Kelly Nesbitt of Portland, Maine from March–May 2005.
Ramshoddyackle Productions
Ongoing collaborations with Philadelphia-based puppeteer Morgan Andrews of Shoddy Puppet Company, from 2001–present.

Other collaborative endeavors have occurred as "think-tanks." I learned this way of working from Pittsburgh/Greensboro-based artist Mark Dixon. In the think-tanks in which I've participated, a specific group of people (often who have not previously worked together) get together for a designated period of time, in a determined area, and, under an agreed upon set of parameters, undergo the intensive process of achieving a common goal. Examples include:

The Kitchen Renovation Dinner Theater, Pittsburgh, PA, March 2001
For 2 weeks, five people, ranging in age from 15-50, lived in a kitchen. We cooked, ate, and slept in the kitchen; we took it apart, we made music with its pieces, told stories, invented machines, and created an hour-long performance which we then toured with to The Matress Factory, The Pittsburgh Children's Museum, The Green Bean Coffee Shop in North Carolina and the basement of Calvary Church in Philly.
On The 72nd Hour, Bar Harbor, ME, August 2004
Eight artists spent 71 hours in seclusion on a therapeutic horse-back riding farm, creating an original rock opera, with masks, which we performed in several cities on the East Coast.

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