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I'm delighted to custom-build piñatas, papier mâché sculptures, mobiles, puppets, and other objects of your (or my) imagination. I've also designed and built props, costumes and sets for numerous theater productions. I specialize in horned, winged, fanged and webbed beasts, but am open to new assignments and challenges. I have also written several puppet shows and pageants on commission and would be excited to undertake that type of project if it sounds interesting and feasible. Please contact me to discuss your visions.

Commissioned performances have included:

Picturing Which Women, How?
A musical and performative critique of The Picturing Women exhibit, using puppets and toy theater flats to examine curatorial decisions and their implications. Researched, written and directed by Beth Nixon and performed by a cast of Spiral Q superstars. Commissioned by Susan Shifrin and The Picturing Women Project with funds from The William Penn Foundation. (January–March 2004)
I'm a Lima
An audience-participatory, musical, mask and hand puppet show, written and built by Beth Nixon, and performed by Beth Nixon and Rich Wexler, contracted through Spiral Q Puppet Theater. This show was commissioned by the Food Trust and performed 25 times at various schools and Farmers' Markets in Philadelphia to promote the consumption of local fruits and vegetables. (July–November 2001)
The Table of Restoration
A giant puppet pageant written, built and directed by Beth Nixon, and performed by Beth Nixon and volunteers. Commissioned by Terry Tempest Williams for The Orion Magazine Writers' Conference, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Head Quarters, Shepardstown, WV. (June 1999)

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