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What I'm trying to do

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I'm trying to build a life that I believe in. I'm trying to support myself by creating art that is engaging and honest, that reflects truths, be they miraculous, horrifying, or perplexing, about life and what it feels like to be a human here. I'm trying to ask questions that inspire myself and my students to see new potential in cardboard, new ways of telling our stories, and new faith in the imagination. I'm trying to find out how to teach, perform and collaborate in ways that challenge ordinary roles and oppressive power dynamics, that encourage creative resistance to the racism, classism, sexism, militarism, consumerism, …ism-hood of our culture and explore the vast potential of our strange and glorious species. I'm trying to see what anteaters, pelicans and lichen have to teach us.

I'm trying to use puppetry to reclaim public spaces, to spread real news, to surprise us out of our daily zombiedom with homemade spectacle and celebration. I'm trying to transform trash, build puppets that float, improve my Spanish speaking, and learn to like eggplant. There are a million things I'm trying to do, but in the grand scheme, I guess I'm trying to have a positive impact and experience here on Earth, and as far as I can gather, that seems most likely achieved by working hard on things I love.

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