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I have been actively engaged in creating theater since 1982 (at age 7, I became a member of the South County Players Children's Theater.) I've been sculpting since 1993, building puppets since 1998, and teaching children and adults to create their own puppets and shows since 1999.

I have learned from, taught for, performed in and/or toured with many fantastic groups including Spiral Q Puppet Theater (Philadelphia), Bread and Puppet Theater (Vermont), Big Nazo (Providence), and RedMoon Theater (Chicago). Throughout my work with these groups, I've continued building, teaching, and performing independently, first under the name "Possible Leap Puppets" and now as "Ramshackle Enterprises."

Of course, I'm still learning new ways of manipulating cardboard and experimenting with construction techniques. I'm always looking for different methods of collaborating with other teachers and artists and creating encouraging environments for students explore new skills.

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